Edipsos is one of the oldest and most famous spa resorts in the world. Near the resort, there are more than eighty individual springs with water’s temperature between 40-80 degrees.

In recent years, the Spa services have accepted highly significant changes and offer a high level of relaxation services, massage and wellness. The water from the springs of Edipsos is in a very high temperature and is one of the richest sources of minerals in Greece and the Balkans, and is at the top of the best spas in the world.

Furthermore, hot springs produce large amounts of mud used for face masks and other body parts. The water from the springs, due to high temperature breaks the rocks during ascent and is enriched with elements from the earth. When the swimmers take bath in thermal water, the pores of their skin take all these vital elements, which are indicated for many illnesses such as: arthritis, traumatic arthritis, rehabilitation after accidents and gynecological problems.

Religious Tourism

Monastery of Saint George, Ilia

Monastery of Osios David

Saint John the Russian

Monastery of Saint Irene Chrisovalantou


Syllas’ Cave

A surviving find from the Roman period is the "Syllas’ Cave”. It is located behind the EOT Spa and near the church of St. Anargyroi in Edipsos. The "cave" was attached to the Roman general Syllas, who regularly visited the baths for treatment.

Folklore Museum of Agios

The museum is located in the picturesque village of Agios, founded in 2006 and its purpose is the preservation, protection and promotion of the elements of popular culture in the area.

Bull of Oreoi

Marbled statue of a bull, larger than its actually size, is depicted standing with bowed head, in an attitude of attack. The bull belonged to a funerary monument of the 4th century BC and was found in 1965 in the sea, in the port of Oreoi, where it is exposed.


Northern Evia is ideal for:


Horse Riding



The Evoikos Gulf is known for its fishing places. Whether by boat or by land, the region of North Evia is an attraction for anglers everywhere.


Edipsos Beach

The beach and the sea of ​​Edipsos are offered to guests for daily baths, sunbathing and relaxation. Without the need for transport, and in just two minutes walking from “Evia Studios”, you can enjoy the calm and clear sea.

Agios Nikolaos Beach

After Edipsos town you continue about 2km and then you reach the beach of Agios Nikolaos. There you can swim, enjoy the golden sand and your meal in the coastal taverns.

Gialtra Beach

The Gialtra beach, also known as Thermal Baths of Gialtra, is a picturesque coastal area with a few cafes and taverns, where peace reigns. A small beach and a picturesque harbor complete the landscape. It is located 15km from our resort.

Golden Beach

It is a beautiful beach full of pine trees, just 30 minutes from Edipsos. The clear waters and the sand on the seabed make it one of the most popular beaches.


Group of islands, which have been identified as the Seychelles of Evia. An ideal destination for day excursions and explorations, where visitors will have a unique experience. You follow the route by the sea up to Saint George village and from there boats take guests to Lihadonisia.